Peace and Mind

Strategies for peaceful living, creativity and emotional balance
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Introduction to Meditation

The word meditation is sometimes used to refer to the act of reflection or relaxation. But in the context of contemplative traditions meditation involves habituating the mind, training it to cultivate specific mental states, habituating it to think or to visualize in...


Meditation is to relax our mind, but at the same time to keep it alert, present, awake and clear. There are many methods for meditation, some rely on visualizations, others on recitations of mantras, etc. But there are many misunderstandings about what meditation is....

Contemplative Practices

Contemplative practices can be summarized in the "Three Trainnings": 1. Ethics: benefit those around you and avoid damaging people, animals and the environment. Developing generosity, patience, discipline and enthusiasm. 2. Concentration: Developing an attentive mind,...

Define your direction in life

Do not let your days go by while you are only doing what is urgent or what others expect of you. Start by defining what you would like to achieve and receive from the world. Then reflect on how you would use these things or qualities to become the best version of...

Meditation will change your life

These practices present a direct path that leads to the realization of our deepest nature and the potentials of our consciousness.

Genuine Happiness

Happiness arises when one leads an ethical life, helping others to be happy and cultivating kindness and compassion.

Mindfulness & Shamatha

Shamatha meditation is known as the cultivation of calm and concentration. Mindfulness is remembering our object of meditation and paying attention to our actions of body, speech and mind.


This is cultivated not with the intellect but through an analysis of reality to understand how we exist in relation to everything that surrounds us.